Top 10 Worst Ways to Boost Office Morale

10- Let everyone work from home by forcing them to live at the office 9- Better yet, have them work from their actual homes, but only after they’ve worked in the office for 9 hours a day 8-  Play two truths and one lie, but without telling the other employees 7- Do icebreakers, where employeesContinue reading “Top 10 Worst Ways to Boost Office Morale”

My Shark Tank Pitch: Jurassic Park, but with Animals

Hey guys, I’m a big fan of this show and can’t believe I’m actually on it! I’m not an inventor or an entrepreneur, just your everyday guy who came up with a life changing idea. So, you all know the movie Jurassic Park, right? The one where scientists recreate dinosaurs from preserved dino blood andContinue reading “My Shark Tank Pitch: Jurassic Park, but with Animals”

I’m a Turkey Pardoned by Joe Biden and I Wish He Would Have Killed and Eaten Me

Hello, my name is “Peanut Butter”, at least that’s what the god damn President of the USA told everyone. Turkeys don’t have names. You’d think the leader of the free world would know that. Anyway, if you watch the news, you probably saw last week that he pardoned me and my buddy “Jelly”. Well, asContinue reading “I’m a Turkey Pardoned by Joe Biden and I Wish He Would Have Killed and Eaten Me”

Top 10 Alarming Facts About the Phoenix Suns Gorilla

10- Was acquired from the San Diego Zoo in a trade for Dan Majerle 9- Once dunked a ball so hard that it created a tear in the space-time continuum, sending him from his Ape Planet to Earth 8- Was once suspended for monkey business; his business was selling weed to kids 7- Is a KingContinue reading “Top 10 Alarming Facts About the Phoenix Suns Gorilla”

Defund Sting and The Police

It may sound extreme to some, but the excessive, brutal and militarized police have lost sight of their mission. The police should be here to help our communities thrive and should be deescalating issues, however countless high profile incidents have shown us that the opposite is happening. Things are getting worse every day, and theContinue reading “Defund Sting and The Police”

Ok, Our Vaccines May Not Be the Safest, but You Can Still Trust Our Baby Shampoo

I am here to address the recent reports that upwards of 50 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine sit unused. I’ve heard that this is due to negative views of our vaccine, caused by a minor issue where we had to throw away 60 million doses of our vaccine that were possiblyContinue reading “Ok, Our Vaccines May Not Be the Safest, but You Can Still Trust Our Baby Shampoo”

A Recently Discovered Early Draft of Spiderman

The following is an excerpt of a recently discovered first draft of Spiderman. Dating back to the early 40s, this draft shows a drastically different initial vision of the character. While lacking the polish of the finished product, this draft shows a critical step in the creative process and development of Spiderman. It was likeContinue reading “A Recently Discovered Early Draft of Spiderman”