A Man Eating Chicken

Hi Mom! Or whoever else I actually convinced to look at this website. I was writing these things that I thought were funny. I’d show them to my wife, who would agree, and submit them to various writing outlets, who would instantly reject all of them. Now I can appeal to you, the court of public opinion, who would never, ever, ever judge me unfairly. Enjoy!(?)

Here are the things you can read

“Oh, So Now You Guys Care About Balloons?” An Op-Ed by the Snoopy Balloon

Hey guys, it’s me, the Snoopy balloon from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You know, the national treasure? The guy who’s been the symbol of national unity on one of our most special holidays for the past 56 years? I hope you remember me, after all, it’s been a couple of months since Thanksgiving. Usually…

Game Night

Friend 1: Hey, let’s play Taboo Friend 2: Ok Friend 1: Do you know how to play? Friend 2: Yeah, I know how Taboo works Friend 1: Ok, you can be the first guesser then, I’ll do the clues Friend 2: Ok, and go! Friend 1: It’s a type of party Friend 2: Fucking a…

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