A Man Eating Chicken

Hi Mom! Or whoever else I actually convinced to look at this website. I was writing these things that I thought were funny. I’d show them to my wife, who would agree, and submit them to various writing outlets, who would instantly reject all of them. Now I can appeal to you, the court of public opinion, who would never, ever, ever judge me unfairly. Enjoy!(?)

Here are the things you can read

Game Night

Friend 1: Hey, let’s play Taboo Friend 2: Ok Friend 1: Do you know how to play? Friend 2: Yeah, I know how Taboo works Friend 1: Ok, you can be the first guesser then, I’ll do the clues Friend 2: Ok, and go! Friend 1: It’s a type of party Friend 2: Fucking a…

The Computer is Acting Funny

Please enter your password TacomaDad1984 Please include a special character Tacoma’sBestDad1984 Please make your password more accurate MiddleO’theRoadDad1984 You are not the real father, please make it more accurate again SadSurprise2022 You forgot the punctaction, dummy SadSurprise2022:-( You realize that in a week you are going to need to remember that you made this last…

Top Ten Godzilla Movie Flops

10- Godzilla vs Slothra 9- Free Zillie (which is exactly what it sounds like) 8- Godzilla vs Godzilla (lizard-monster psychological thriller) 7- Godzilla Does Dallas 6- Codzilla King of the Monsters and Fish 5- City of Godzilla 4- Are you there Godzilla? It’s me Margaret: the Movie 3- Godzilla: Mall Cop 2- Godzilla vs. Small…

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