A Man Eating Chicken

Hi Mom! Or whoever else I actually convinced to look at this website. I was writing these things that I thought were funny. I’d show them to my wife, who would agree, and submit them to various writing outlets, who would instantly reject all of them. Now I can appeal to you, the court of public opinion, who would never, ever, ever judge me unfairly. Enjoy!(?)

Here are the things you can read

Guns Don’t Kill People, the Boundary Conditions of the Universe Kill People

Inevitably, after every mass shooting in America there’s the same public outcry: it’s time to ban guns. To those who say that, I respond: the gun didn’t shoot itself. There are many out there who agree with this sentiment, and many of them say that it’s an issue of training responsible gun owners and dealingContinue reading “Guns Don’t Kill People, the Boundary Conditions of the Universe Kill People”

A Real Life Book

Today is the official release of A Man Eating Chicken the book! It’s a collection of writings and comics, including newly published works and pieces from the website. It’s exclusively available here. You can buy it and then throw your computer in the garbage! Wouldn’t that feel great? Take that technology, books4eva! Hope you aren’tContinue reading “A Real Life Book”

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