A Man Eating Chicken: The Book

It’s like a website that you can touch

Remember books? Now, you can enjoy your favorite humor website in book form! It’s available exclusively here. The book contains never before published jokes along with your favorites from this website. You can do the following with the book:

  • Read it on the subway to avoid eye contact with strangers
  • Show your kids what paper looks like
  • Remember simpler, pre-rapture times
  • Fill your bookshelf to look smart, while praying that nobody checks what is up there
  • Support the “arts”
  • Trace it to learn how to draw cartoon bees
  • Read and put down dramatically when someone tells you something important
  • Smush gross bugs (v. useful for NYC readers)
  • Can be burned for heat in emergencies

These are a few suggestions, but hey, who am I to tell you what to do with your book? Buy the book here. Or don’t. You get to choose; that’s what makes this country so great. That, Dolly Parton and the illusion of Democracy.

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