A Short Joke

People commonly use the term “slam dunk” to mean something that is really easy and can’t go wrong. As someone who is 5’6″, I think this term doesn’t make any sense. I could train every day for the rest of my life and slam dunking would be literally impossible. Hell, I even saw one of my friends, who is 6 feet tall, almost break his back trying to slam dunk a basketball… on an 8 foot rim (once we realized he was ok we all had a good laugh about it). Anyway, my point is that the term makes no sense. My assistant at work is a 60 year old lady with knee problems. The other day she said that “getting the report submitted on time should be a slam dunk”. All I would think was: “Wow, I didn’t think she had ups like that! Good for her!”

I think that, moving forward, slam dunk should only be used to mean something is really easy for tall people but really hard for short people.  An example: “getting that jar of peanut butter off of the top shelf was a slam dunk.” Another one: “winning that dunk contest was a slam dunk.” If they need a term for something that’s really easy to do, they should pick one that is more applicable to everyone, like “Making that sale should be ‘floating through life aimlessly’.”

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