Top 10 Alarming Facts About William Howard Taft

10- Twice tried to declare war on “the skinnies”

9- The original red button in the oval office was actually Taft’s “hamburger on demand” button

8- Dream job was actually “turkey chasing”

7- Was built from parts of Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley and a manatee 

6- Stored emergency reserves of taffy in his cheeks

5- His name is an anagram for: Who will I mad fart at?

4- Was actually called the Trust Buster because he didn’t trust anybody

3- His ghost haunts the White House, but not like a regular spooky ghost, more like a homeless ghost that just rummages through the trash and sleeps on the steps

2- Tried to appoint Mr. Peanut as Secretary of the Interior

1- Was so fat that he twice got stuck in the White House bath tub (wait, that one is actually true?) 

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