Top 10 Worst Things About Being a Bee

10- Have to risk being swatted to get to humans’ delicious sugary drinks

9- Slowly going extinct for no god damn reason

8- Having a pollen allergy can be fatal

7- When people try to take your honey so you sting them and then you die

6- That constant buzzing gets pretty annoying

5- People always ask you if you like Sting and feeling like you need to say yes even though you don’t

4- Jealousy of the queen

3-When you see a bright color and assume it’s a flower, but then when you fly to get it’s sweet, sweet nectar you find out it’s just a human’s colorful clothes and then you are both disappointed and attacked. That’s the worst!

2- Technically being a bug

1- Those shitty comics that one guy draws about you on his stupid website

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