The Terrible Twos Continued

Everybody knows about the terrible twos because of the catchy name, but parenting a child of any age is difficult! To bring greater awareness to the problems that parents of children of other ages face, I bring forward the following suggestions that reflect age related difficulties:

  • The horrible threes
  • The fucked up fours
  • The why me fives
  • The is it too late for an abortion sixes
  • The get me out of here sevens
  • The are you fucking kidding me eights
  • The why didn’t anyone warn me nines
  • The there is no god tens
  • The soul crushing elevens
  • The you mean it can get worse twelves
  • The “teens”

Hopefully these catch on and see as much usage as the terrible twos, to bring awareness to the struggles of parenting.

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