Lazy Susan Spinoffs

Most people are familiar with the Lazy Susan, that little turntable for spinning food and household goods around. Upon its introduction, there were plenty of companies that tried to ride the wave of success of home goods named after people and their traits. While none were as successful as the Lazy Susan, here were some notable products:

  • The Sad Carl: A toilet with a cupholder 
  • The Insufferable Agatha: A blindfold with integrated earplugs
  • The Bipolar Theodore: A microwave shoved inside a refrigerator
  • The Mean Nelson: A toaster that always burns your food
  • The Codependent Eleanor: A chair that will not let you get up
  • The Very Lazy Susan: A regular lazy Susan glued to a recliner
  • The Strange Bernard: A bowl made out of bugs
  • The Crazy Susan: Like a Lazy Susan but for the whole room
  • The President Taft: A bathtub so large, even William Howard Taft himself could not get stuck in it twice


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