Top 10 NY Super Subs Menu Items

10- Meat Lover’s Disappointment: Do you like ham?  Do you like pastrami?  Do you like turkey?  Sorry, this sandwich has none of these.

9- The Flavinator: This sandwich was designed in a lab for maximum flavor. Comes with a lead vest to prevent flavor radiation absorption.

8- Sandwich of Relativity: So much flavor that it will bend the space-time continuum; add bacon for $1.00.

7- The Classic Italian: Italians never really ate sandwiches, so this is not a sandwich, but a bowl of spaghetti.

6- The HoJo: New York Mets great Howard Johnson’s favorite! Mushrooms, onions and the flesh of New York Mets great Howard Johnson.

5- PB&J: Expecting peanut butter and jelly? This is pigeon bacon and jawbreakers.

4- The Family Reunion: We round up all of your relatives from all over the world and make them sit and watch you eat a big, sloppy cheese steak.

3- Ham and Cheese Surprise: We wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

2- The Reversal: This time you make us a sandwich for once in your god damn life .

1- The Reuben: This is just a great sandwich that everybody loves.

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